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UK Student Visa

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The British government has divided visas into 5 categories called Tiers. The student visa is now known as Tier 4 . Visa applications have to be made online at the UKBA website and then submitted in person with the requisite fees and required documents at the nearest visa application centre (VAC).The applications can be submitted in the following cities in India : Delhi , Chandigarh , Jalandhar , Mumbai , Pune , Ahmedabad , Chennai , Bangalore , Hyderabad, Cochin & Kolkata.

Immigration Rules for Students

You must intend to study at a publicly funded university or college, a
 bonafide private institution or a fee-paying independent school.You must  be able to and intend to follow a full time degree course, or a weekday, full time course at a single institution involving at least 15 hours of organized, daytime study per week.You must be able to pay for your course and the living expenses of your  husband or wife and children (if they are with you) without working in  UK or claiming public funds.You must not intend to work in UK unless you are accepted for a
 course lasting longer than six months, when you may work part-time or
 during vacations.You must intend to leave UK at the end of your studies.

The documents Required For obtaining 40 points are:

A letter of acceptance on the course (CAS) – 30 Points.

This will be a letter from your institution confirming that a place has been offered to you and that the course is full-time as defined by the immigration law. The letter should state how long the course will last, the tuition fees , fees paid (if any) , documents on whose basis the admission has been confirmed, how the level of English needed for the course has been assessed and confirm that you satisfy this requirement.

Evidence of financial capability to meet course fees and living expenses as determined by the BHC – 10 points.

Depending on your circumstances, this could include evidence of government sponsorship or a UK sponsor confirming they will support you,Otherwise you need to show a Bank Balance, Fixed deposits , Education loan or a combination of all three to meet the living expenses stipulation.

The immigration rules do not require unaccompanied students to show that accommodation has been arranged,in case your place of study has given you information about its availability, you should bring this to the attention of the ECO.

The Interview

In case the ECO has some doubts regarding your application,they may call you for an interview. . 

The interview is to give you the opportunity to clarify for the ECO certain parts of your application. The ECO will be aiming to satisfy him or herself that your study plans are genuine and workable.

The interview is a normal part of the process, but you may feel quite nervous before it and find it an uncomfortable experience. ECO’s are trained professionals who will try to make the process as painless as possible, but the questions are necessarily very direct and personal.

You should prepare for such an interview carefully. In particular:

Be familiar with all your study plans; why you chose the particular institution and course; how the course will help your future career;Be clear about the cost of living and the course and your finances: do you have enough money to complete the course? Can you prove it?Be as clear as you can about your likely future career in your country: what are you going to do on your return

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