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Common Questions Asked in Interview for study abroad

Interview questions is a free resource offered by to help you prepare better for the Interview rounds of various top schools such as HEC, LSE, NYU, ESADE etc.

When our team members were preparing for their respective interviews, we found it really hard to find interview transcripts & question lists to prepare from. Hence, we decided to compile the interview experiences of our own team as well as some of our clients and create a database. This helped us create a pattern of questions that are most commonly asked and even the uncommon ones that are specific to each profile. We hope it is of use to you and can help you prepare better for your upcoming interviews. We will be constantly updating this list with more questions.

Common Questions Asked in Interview

Lastly, you have the opportunity to purchase the complete interview answer list to all the questions asked, along with an exhaustive list of questions that can be asked to you. Currently, you can access the Most Common Interview Questions List below. We always recommend these set of questions to all the students who are gearing up for their interviews.

  1. So tell me about yourself.
  2. Why choose this “ABC” school?
  3. Which other colleges are you aiming for?
  4. How do you think “ABC” school will help you attain your goals?
  5. What are you passionate about?
    (if there is a stream switch in your career)
  6. Why MBA, why not Masters, especially after investing time and money in undergrads!
  7. Give some examples of your cross-cultural communication skills
  8. Give me some examples of how you have followed your passion
  9. 3 things you learned from your internships
  10. I read that you have mentioned education quite a few times in your essays, what are your opinions about this industry in your country.
  11. Oh, so you are interested in Energy (can be any sector)? Do you know the CEO of EDF or Areva?
  12. Tell me about an incident where you led a group of people and what you learn from it?
  13. Your referee wrote about your work in social service. What work did u do there?
  14. Do you think is CSR is important for a company?
  15. What would you do, if you were in a group at ABC School where each person is from a different nationality and a different undergrad major? How would you handle them if you were the leader of the group? Especially if the subject is something you aren’t familiar with?
  16. If you are going to a country where language is a barrier, be prepared to answer questions related to communication challenges- Do you know French, Spanish, German? If not, how do you think you will cope up with it?
  17. Tell me how will you contribute to the school and your peers?
    Do you have any questions for us? (the last chance to impress them!!!)

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